Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Preston is 4!!!!!

Preston turned four today!!!

I cannot believe how fast time is slipping from my fingers. I remember when I first met Preston and how little he was and now he is my big boy.

We spent the day doing fun things to celebrate. After we dropped Taylynn off at school we met Kieren, a friend of Preston's, at the donut shop. Preston picked the biggest donut I think. He also got some chocolate milk. It was a fun morning date, these two boys are a hoot when they are together!

After breakfast we went to get Preston's haircut; he looks so different. He looks handsome!

We ran to the mall so Preston could spend the money his GG and Pawpaw sent him. He really wanted a Spiderman lunch box, so he went and bought it. Thank you GG and Pawpaw! (You can see the lunch box on the table pictures below). I also bought him a Superman shirt to wear at the party. I got myself one too!

After the mall we picked up Taylynn, then met Aaron at McDonalds for lunch. We hardly ever buy the kids a Kids meal and we never let them play at McDonalds, but today we did. It was a big treat for them.

After lunch Taylynn and Preston had quite time and Preston got to pick a movie, so they watched Peter Pan. I prepared for the party while they all rested.

Aunt Mollie came all the way from Wichita, such a special treat! It was great to see her and Jack. We had some pizza for dinner, then shortly after all our guest came over.

Since this is his off year we had a small get together. I try and hold back and do just a little amount. No mailed invitations, just a small amount of snacks, minimal decorations, no games or favors, but still lots of fun!

His theme was superhero and it was actually pretty fun.

I started working on it yesterday and in total probably spent 3 hours, not including cleaning the house for the party. And I only spent about $25.

I made the back drop out of wrapping paper, so simple and it looked great.
After I began setting up the table I realized I needed more things so at 4pm (the party was at 6:30pm) I got Preston dressed and ran outside and took some pictures and sent them to Wal-Mart's one hour photo center and had them on the table by 5:40pm.

I made the cupcake toppers myself and hot glued them to some red paper straws I had around the house.
I also made some labels for the cups and labeled the Juice, Super juice!
I also made some blue ice cream by adding food coloring to vanilla, kinda messy to make, but pretty easy.
I just put some chocolate syrup in a mason jar, covered the bottle of whip cream and set out the sprinkles I used for the cupcakes.

Preston had a great time and he is so thankful for everyone who came because he mentioned them ALL in his prayer's tonight. He sure was a happy birthday boy!
We are so thankful for those who celebrated with us and we know some grandparents and great grandparents who wish they could have been here. But you were here in heart!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!



  1. So fun! His haircut is so handsome!

  2. Happy Birthday Preston!!!!

    As always Caroline, you made an amazing job.

    Can't believe that I'm reading your post for three years, wow.

  3. Caroline, you amaze me. Happy Birthday Preston!

  4. Happy birthday, Preston! I love the party stuff. So cute. I can't believe this is low-key. You did so good :)

  5. What a great party. Happy Birthday Preston!

  6. I agree! Your "low-key" is better than my best work! :) Looks like it was lots of fun!