Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Piece of my day

Tonight while Aaron and I were watching a movie Alayna woke up so I brought her out to hold her because I just do that when my kids wake up....well and sometimes I do it when they are sleeping. I figured she'd fall back asleep, but she didn't she just laid on me.
At one point someone was dying in the moving and I cried a little. Alayna just looked at me and put her hand on my check and when she saw a tear she followed it down with her finger and just looked so concerned.
Her big eyes just staring into mine, BLISS! I love this girl. I love both my girls and both my boys more than I can express. This life right here with four children sleeping and one wonderful husband getting ready for bed, is perfection. I just need to remind my self when I am sending three children to time out 100 times a day and constantly saying "No" all the time! No one thing can make our life better, not money, not a bigger house, not fame. I have what I have always wanted. Thank you Lord for providing. Help me always see life as wonderful as I do right here in this moment!



  1. I feel like that with my boys and my husband!

  2. So sweet! Don't those moments just take your breath away!