Saturday, June 9, 2012

Paint Therapy

On Tuesday it was one of my best friend's (Keri) birthday!!!!!

On Monday, her sister (Lindsey, my other best friend) flew in from Colorado to spend time with Keri and her family......and me :)

I planned a birthday/girl's night to celebrate. We went to Paint Therapy Uncorked here in Topeka. It was SO SO much fun. Paint Therapy is a place where you an learn to be artsy and have fun at the same time. We all brought food and drinks to share and then Margie (the gal in charge) gives us the steps to a beautiful painting. So cool right?

I knew we'd be wearing aprons so I just wanted to add a little something and have the birthday girl stand out. I made initial tags for the girls. Most of us knew each other, that's why I didn't use full names. It was so simple, for the birthday girl I cut strips of fabric and sewed and glue them together then attached a pin in the back. I glued on a tiny clothes pin and added her initial tag. For the initial tags I just printed a cute design and cut with one of my paper punches and glued a clothes pin on the back........simple!

It really was a blast, if your in Kansas you need to make plans to come do this, such a great time with family or friends.


  1. Whats the address and number? I have a friend who wants to do this.