Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Shoes

This weekend we did some Kansas City shopping to try and find Preston a new pair of shoes and some new clothes. For new walkers I always thought Stride Rites shoes are the best, but they don't always have what I am looking for,
Since are works for Collective Brands (otherwise known as Payless Shoes) we get a 20% discount at Stride Rite stores, even the outlet stores. If you go into a Stride Rite store you'll most likely spend about $50 on a pair of boys shoes. I bought Preston's shoes for $28 including tax.

Presotn loves shoes, he even loves womens heels. Ha! I always struggled with Taylynn, she hated it when I tried shoes on her, but Preston gets excited and stickes his foot out for me. I guess shoes are his fancy.


  1. Those are so cute! I've been trying to find Brogan some good shoes since he's starting to be on his feet a lot more! But the only problem I have is the fact that I have a 'limit' on how much I spend. I can only spend $10, maybe a little more....per pair. This is pretty difficult, I've discovered. Sometimes I've found a good deal at Payless or Burlington Coat Factory.

    PS: I saw your hubbie and kids a few times at Legends but I never did see you!

  2. How cute shoes!! He looks excited!! Love to see them in his feet!!