Thursday, August 27, 2009

Get your umbrella out!

Kelly is hosting Show us your Life and today is bridal showers
Oh, looking back to my wedding reminds me of such good times. I was getting married, I was just around the corner from finishing school (two weeks before the wedding) and I had lots of parties!!!!I was honestly so spoiled and I'll probably never be that spoiled again. I wish I could go back and take more pictures of all the before events.
Ok lets get to showers. I had six showers, yes you heard me, six. And no I am not going to talk about all six. All of my showers were wonderful and fun. Here is just a short run through of the showers.
Lingerie Shower
Church Shower
Linda Folster Shower- great friend of the family
Cindy Schram Shower- One of my mom's good friends
Dinner party with the breakfast club
Mexican dinner shower- held at a Mexican restaurant

I am going to tell you about the Lingerie Shower first. A great friend of the family held a shower at her house. This was a a shower unlike any other I had been to. I went a month before and did a registry at Victoria Secrets and had the most fun registering there than anywhere. The girls were not limited to Victoria Secrets, but if anything they could go their and at lest get my sizes.I invited most of my close friends. I kept the crowd pretty young because I didn't know what all I was going to receive. We had a great time. Aaron had been asked questions before hand and as I was opening presents each girl had to ask me a question. As I remember I did pretty good.I regret not getting a group picture.
Now that I am blogging I am much more aware of taking pictures.
Here are a few pictures from the shower.
Yes, I was embarrassed.

The other shower I want to talk about was the dinner party with the breakfast club. The breakfast club was a group a people that would come into the coffee shop I worked at on a regular basis. It was a group of about 12 people. We became great friends while I was working at the coffee shop.Once I got engaged they decide to throw a party, really I think it was just a good excuse, ha! This wasn't like a normal shower, the guys got to come and their were no games. Just mingling and fun. The breakfast club really went all out. The food was catered by my boss at the coffee shop, flowers were brought in. It was a wonderful night of family and friends. My grandparents were even in town from Louisiana and got to come.
Oh one thing that was fun/awkward at the shower. One of the "club" members, Dr. Steven Crouch was asked to sing us a song. He has a beautiful voice and sounded great, but Aaron and I were told we had to only look at each other. This made it very awkward and all I remember thinking while he was singing was, is he done was a 5 minutes song. I wish I remembered what song he sang. I have NO pictures and I am so mad at myself about this. I do have a great memory of it though.

Showers are fun, if I could give any tip I would say bring in the brides personality and have fun with, remember it is a party!

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  1. I found your post from Kelly's Korner, and I'm awfully impressed by your 6 showers. Wow! I love the idea of actually registering at Victoria's Secret for a lingerie shower. I might have to use that someday.

  2. Wow, Wish I could've registered at VS and I'm jealous of off the showers you had!! Love the labels, what A Great Idea!

  3. SIX?!!!!

    Here in Ireland we don't have any :(

    Just lots and lots of rain showers!

    Thanks for sharing.