Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Shopping

I have been doing a lot of etsy buying over the last couple months and wanted to share with you. I love buying homemade products because it usually supports stay at home moms.

I knew I wanted some Baby Be Blessed dolls for the girls for Christmas and I won one through a giveaway and bought the other, so essentially it was half price for me. I got the dolls in a month ago and I have them hidden away, but I can show you on here as long as no one tells the girls :)
Tina also has a great blog, you should check it out here!I also ordered pillows for Christmas gifts (I think I am still in that stage where I can get away with not buying a bunch of toys and just getting cute things for them) so lets keep this quiet too!
These came from Whimseyco on Etsy and I LOVE them, they are perfect! I wish I could put them on their bed now!!! I also had Whimseyco make me a onesie for to come!Alayna was in need of some shoes and Gracious May has some adorable ones! I will say I wasn't completly satisfied, but they were really cute before she wore them. I think wool just looks really worn once they are used a couple times, so if you are going to order some shoes sick to a cotton fabric or something that wont ball up.

These are the ones I ordered, cute aren't they!

These are the ones I REALLY REALLY want for Alayna!
These red shoes would have gone great with her Halloween costume! She was Super girl with a cute pettiskirt. I also ordered a pettiskirt for Taylynn so the girls to wear around Christmas time. They came from Hong Kong so i was nervous, but I think for $19.99 I got a great deal. Here is the seller and they do ship really fast.

A friend of mine from church has an etsy shop and she makes the cutest things. You must go check out her shop. She made these adorable shirts for the kids. Not only are they cute they are the best quality.She is a HUGE Nebraska fan and make lots of Nebraska clothes too!

I hope your getting your Christmas shopping done, I think it is always great ordering from etsy because in most cases your helping a stay at home mom, stay home!

Happy Holidays!