Friday, November 18, 2011

Taylynn's party part 2

This week I have been working on banners for the party. I must explain that I am also in the process of redesigning the girls room so all these banners will be used in their room.

I first started with fabric choices. There is this great fabric shop in Lawrence called Sarah's Fabrics and I LOVE it. They have so many patterns it makes it hard to decide, but it leaves lots of room for inspiration. I bought a few patterns there and some at Joann's.

I began by making the big white frame in the girl's room into a chicken wire bulletin board.

I failed to take pictures of the process, but I can explain it pretty easy:

Step 1: Staple the chicken wire to the back from the frame.
Step 2: Hot glue the fabric to the back of the frame and cut off the excess.
It's that simple!

I have a place ready for this in the kitchen during the party. We have a big black framed mirror in the kitchen and that doesn't work with this shabby chic party. All I had to do was add a frame hook on the back of the chicken wire frame and it fits!

Once the frame was done I made the banners. Some I attached the chicken wire frame above, the others are on the ends of the bunk beds.
The other banner above the bed was my new project. I am tired of just triangle banners, I wanted something new so I did half ovals.

Here is the step by step process:

Step 1: Find something you can trace your shape with. I used a cake plate and marked the bottom with a sharpie so I could line them up on the fabric and they would all be the same size.
Step 2: Using all different trimmings I pinned then hot glued (I don't sew!) them to the fabric.
Step 3: You can use ribbon, twine, rope.....anything to hang your banner up. I chose to use a lacy trim and back it with ribbon. With this trim typically you string the ribbon through it, but this was 3 yards and that would have taken me forever. I decided to just glue it on the back and you still get the same effect.Step 4: You need to lay out your ribbon and place your fabric upside down in the spot you want. This will keep your banner even when you begin to glue.Step 5: Slowly glue the pieces on one at a time. And let dry.I have the perfect place for the banner to go during the party, but its permanent place is in the girl's room.



  1. Looks great! Love the bunk beds, too. We were just looking at them a couple of weekends ago for the boys. I think it would open up so much space in their bedroom.

  2. Love the new banner! I love the bunks too. We just got Kaelyn's and Kenzie's yesterday and they're up. I love how much bigger the room looks!

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