Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Taylynn's Party Part 5

Today I just worked on some glittery projects. It is better to do it all at once and then clean up rather than work on things here and there and cleaning up a million times. The glitter I like to use is the real fine glitter so it is hard to clean.

I made the name plates for the girls so they know where to sit at the table. I thought I would just use my clear plates and decorate under them. I used a fine glue pen, wrote the names and covered with glitter.

After the girls eat I will use the name plate for the back of their wands they will make.
These wands just include a lot of layers. I wanted one layer to have a fun embellishment added to it. I used cupcake liner and cut it up and them glued it on.

I also bought a wooden number five at Hobby Lobby and made it all glitter with painters tape and spray adhesive.