Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Taylynn's Party part 1

Taylynn is turning 5 and the planning has begun.

The theme is something between princess party, tea party, girly party, but lets just call it a shabby chic party.

Every post I will show you a different part of the planning process. So lets start with the invitation.

I was at a loss at what to do because this party is a bit of everything. I thought about purchasing invitations and taking the the easy way out, but when do I ever take the easy way out??? I guess never!

I began the process of making her invitations and I do a lot of designing and deleting to get where I want to go. After a couple hours I arrived to my final destination:
Once I finished the invite I designed the envelopes, and of course they have to be just as fun as the invitation:
Taylynn is really excited. It's going to be a small party. We're just inviting girls in her class and some MOPS friends along with one friend from church. So if everyone comes it will be a group of 8 girls, it could be a little crazy, but I have a little helper from church coming to assist me.

Stay tuned more to come...........



  1. I am envious! I have tried and tried..I can not master micro word. Do you have anything "special" as part of it?
    Those look wonderful

  2. You always did a great job. Can't wait to see more.

  3. I love the invite...the envelopes too! How did you make the invite? what program did you use?