Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kansas City

The Friday before the 4th we went to Kansas City and did some shopping and played around. We love going to Legends an outdoor sopping center. Something about shopping outside keeps the babies happy.
This shopping center has a lot of outlet stores, one of which is Gymboree. You can buy last years items for about 40% less than what they were the year before. Plus when they go one sale you can get some great deals. I bought Taylynn a dress and Preston a shirt and some hair bows.
Gymboree (the regualar store, not outlet) has a really adorable line called tea for two. LOVE IT! My mom is going to get Taylynn so clothes from this line, they didn't have a picture of the outfit I want put together so I just put this one. Cute Huh?

I find it hard to match Taylynn and Preston, but once in a while I get it done. Does anyone know a place that has matching clothes for boys and girls?

Ok on to the pictures.

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