Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show us your life

Show us your life tour- This week is wedding party and flowers. Check it out at Kelly's Korner.

Lets start with the wedding party. We kept it small as far as the bridesmaid and groomsmen went I had my sister as a maid of honor and my best friend Lindsey as my bridesmaid. Aaron's two brothers were supposed to be standing next to him, but his old brother Ryan was in the navy and couldn't be there. So Jason his brother was his best man and his Dad was the groomsman.
Aaron's niece Alyssa was the flower girl and Nicolas, a coworker of mine grandson was the ring bearer.

Here are the girls prepping my dad for the big day, Ha!
Here we are joined with my bridal assistant Kim, who you can only see the back of her head. We were trying to pass the time.We are here unloading the car right as Ginger's
car gets hit by someone backing out.Now all dolled up

Here is one with the guys too
My brother on the far left was an usher along with my two cousins Joe and James, who are on the right side.

Here are a couple from the wedding ceremony

This is my favorite. We were praying right before
we lit the unity candle, it was just a precious moment to us.
Here you see the flower girl and ring bearer sitting. Nicolas the ring bearer has Muscular Dystrophy and can not longer walk. He could walk during our wedding, but he didn't have the ability to stand for a long period of time.
One picture I found of my dress, that I LOVE!

Ok on to flowers............ I was very particular about my flowers. It was December and I was doing black, ivory and red for colors. I just did not want anything to look Christmasy. They kinda did, but still looked pretty.

We had these on the ends of the pews.

Their was one big problem though. I wanted a antique looking bouquet with a mix of colors, light colors. I said no cala lilles or berries. I really wanted lily of the valley though.

This is what I got:
I had only two three kinds of flowers, roses, CALA LILES, and lily of the valley.
I hated it. The part that made me most upset and mad, was that they used artificial lily of the valley, those are the little flowers that look like bells hanging off the stem.
Ginger ran to a local grocer and bought a bouquet of flowers and made this......
So much better. The bad thing is Aaron still had to pay $15o for my bouquet we ripped apart. I have and never will go back to that florist.

It was a great day no matter what.


  1. Your day looks beautiful. I love the colors you chose.

  2. The second bouquet looks Great! So much better than the original! I love that picture of you two praying, your vale was and dress looked gorgeous in that picture!!

  3. Thank You for your sweet comment. Your wedding pictures are gorgeous, I really like the picture of you two praying. That is a really sweet moment.

    Thanks, Steph

  4. You had a beautiful wedding!!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! I am really working on drowning out everything around me when I talk to God. I know He will lead me in the right direction - I just have to keep praying about it. Thanks again!

  5. Your bouquet turned out beautifully!

  6. Your wedding looks so classic and timeless and your bouquet turned out gorgeous!

  7. Thank you for my wedding post comment! I enjoyed reading yours! The very first picture made me giggle I'm not gonna lie haha!..But I also loved the picture of ya'll praying such a beautiful moment caught in a picture!
    "Picture perfect" keep bloggin girl I enjoy them!!


  8. Oh I love that second bouquet!


  9. Thanks! I stole it from my sister! And No I didn't save my bouquet. I wanted to but all the day lilies bloomed and it looked really weird and when I got back from our honeymoon it had already wilted. Wish I would've though...