Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Girls just want to have FUN!!!!!

Every Monday for the past 3 years my two best friends and I have gotten together to spend time together. If the Bachelorette/Bachelor is on we watch that, otherwise we play mahjong.

Lindsey has been a great friend for years, actually since we were in 4th grade. Her family lived right around the corner from me. Her sister, Keri now lives in my neighborhood and our children are play buddies. I am lucky to have such wonderful friends.

This is last Monday. Lindsey on the left holding
Kieren (Keri's son), me, Keri and Aiden.
Just the girls

Yummy food!
Only one more week of the Bachelorette. What is going to happen??????


  1. Man that shrimp looks good! All that food looks good actually! As for the comment on my post...I really hope that last picture is photoshopped, if not I'll be praying for that family ha!

  2. I think Reid is going to come back but in the end she will choose Ed!! What do you think??

  3. Shrimp looks yummy. SO nice that you spend time with friends.