Thursday, July 16, 2009

Children's Birthday Parties

Kelly is hosting Children Party Ideas this week,
go to her blog and get some great ideas!

I Loved planing my babies 1st birthdays, it was such a big milestone and our family was ready to celebrate. For Taylynn's first birthday we just stuck with colors rather than a theme. Here are a few pictures:
I made the invitations because I just couldn't find anything cute enough to buy.

I made her birthday hat, which matched perfectly with her birthday dress and tights.
Taylynns Birthday cake!
This is everyone else cake to eat. My first fondant cake. YIKES!

Preston's birthday was in April, the beginning of spring so I thought we'd do a fish party. I made the invitations, aren't they so cute.

Cake and cookies I made into little fishies

I love birthday parties and look forward to many more.

Taylynn's second birthday party just a couple pictures


  1. Two very cute party ideas. I love the pink and green colors you used for Taylynns party...the cake is wonderful.

  2. Love all the decorations...but you should take your address and phone number off the invitations for safety...block them out or something.

  3. You host awesome parties. I love all the bright colors and unique cakes :o) Parties are fun to plan for our little ones, aren't they?

  4. Cute party! I love pink and green together!

  5. Good job with both kids parties. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Too cute!! I can't wait to have Emerson's b-day party!!