Thursday, July 2, 2009

Show us where you live Friday!

Kelly is hosting Show us where you Live Fridays and today is yard/garage.

We have run out of room in our garage, it honestly is a mess of toys.

My husbands stuff is organized :)

Ok the yard. We have been working on this since our house was built (2005). We have planted and replanted a lot. This past weekend we worked some more, but have a few plants that need to be planted still. We got our landscape plan from a local nursery and we have just been taking baby steps to get it done. We are almost there. Check the plan out, but no copying please.

Here is the front. Since we just planted last weekend we have a lot of baby stuff. Next summer I'll compare the difference a year makes. It's kinda like how a baby, changes a lot the first year.

Front of the house


Back yardWe have a lot of work ahead of us, but I do really enjoy working in the yard.


  1. You have such a cute house!! I want to move into a new house really bad! The inside of my house is great but the outside is.... well lets just say my house was built in the 70's!!

  2. Wow I love your home it looks beautiful! And thanks for your comment I can but then again CAN'T wait for her to actually be interested in boys haha..

  3. I love your bid backyard!! I miss ours so much!! Great landscaping and you garage is so organized!

  4. Great the backyard ..can you tell me what is under the swing sets? is it a type of mulch??? would love to do ours like that..thanks