Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Piece of my day

I let the kids take a bag full of money from their piggy banks and buy some fireworks.....and when I say a bag full, they each had two to three dollars. We loaded up and at first Taylynn said she was going to save it and buy a toy and Alayna just liked that she had money. Preston however was going to spend every cent on fireworks.
When we got there, Preston was ready to shop (this was our third trip to the firework stand) full of excitement and wanting everything......you can't buy much for three dollars, but he understood and he is still ok with the little cheap things :)
Alayna started loading up her basket with the parachutes firework....I think she had six at one point so I started putting them back without her noticing. Taylynn was still going to save her money, then changed her mind and bought some. Everyone got to check out on there own (with a bit of help from me) and they got their own bag for their fireworks, which by the way is a BIG deal!

It was just fun, no one complained about not getting something expensive and everyone was happy.....that is rare around here unfortunately. It seems someone is always unhappy, but this trip was nice and fun and something to remember.

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