Sunday, July 8, 2012


A few weeks ago we went to Arkansas to pick up Taylynn and Preston. We got to have a long weekend and stay awhile too!  We went shopping, relaxed at the pool and spent too much time on the river.


The girls were exhausted and Taylynn ended up sleeping in Alayna's bed, I think she missed her little sister.
 I mentioned earlier we spent too much time on the river, and these pictures have no proof of the hard time this river gave us, so I must explain.
We wanted to float down the river on tubes, it was supposed to be relaxing and EASY!

 As you can tell in this picture the water isn't really moving...imagine this for four miles. A trip that is supposed to last 5-6 hours. It took us 8 and a half hours, and that was paddling with our arms a majority of the time. It was EXHAUSTING!
 We did have fun before we realized how long this was going to take us. We climbed some trees, skipped rocks and watched the fish. 
We thought we were finally at the end and we still had a mile left, that was rough.

We'll probably do it again, but next time we'll have paddles and a canoe.

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