Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Piece of my day

Before bed Alayna and Taylynn both wanted lotion on their feet. As I am rubbing Alayna's feet she starts say "tickles"....tickles" so cute!

While I was at the store I let Taylynn, Preston and Alayna pick out some ice cream. They ate it tonight after VBS and they were so funny. They kept telling us why they loved us, and thanking us for everything imaginable. It was like they had never tasted ice cream before.

After Chandler's bottle tonight I was playing this little piggy with him and he loves it! He loves it so much he would lift his foot and take my hand and put it on his foot. So of course I kept doing it, maybe about 10-15 more times. I think he finally got bored, but I loved doing it and loved making him laugh

All of this happened in the span of 30 minutes. It was a great night! It was a WONDERFUL night!

Oh forgot to mention during that span of time the police rang our door bell because someone opened the door and set off the alarm without us knowing. OOOOppps!

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