Friday, July 13, 2012


Sweet Alyana Jane,
Just your sweet name alone makes me smile. Today is your second birthday, but I can still feel you in my arms, just minutes old.
I have spent hours just staring at you. Even now you're sitting next to me and I am distracted by you and all your cuteness. I could just sit here and dream of the woman you will be. I pray that you will be a woman of God and let Him lead you in every step.
I will be here for you through all the hard times and the good ones. I will always try my best, but I will fail at times, I am sorry in advance.Two things will always be true, my love for you and the love God has for you. I plan to spend my life teaching you and trying to be a reflection of Jesus. If you can learn one thing from me, learn to open your heart and have faith like a child even when your an adult.
I look forward to the life we have and watching you grow and blossom. I love you like crazy everyday of my life!
Love you,


You are something else; you have the most personality out of your sister and brothers. You can light up a room any time; we can't go anywhere without someone commenting on how cute you are. It's hard to imagine you being two years old already; time flies when you have four children, unfortunate but true.

You are quite the daddy's girl. You love for me to hold you; especially when we are out in public. You get shy when other people are around and you just want the comfort of daddy's shoulder. Being two years old, you are starting to get a little heavy, but I will hold you as long as I can. You like to stick your head into my chest and stick your bottom out, which makes it very hard to hold you. I'm not sure you will ever grow tired of it and I will take it as long as you let me.

I love to see you smile like you know you are the cutest girl in the world; you tilt your head slightly and just grin. I love to hear you talk and say all the words you can; you learn a lot from Taylynn and Preston. You are starting to put puzzles together on your own and you are learning more words every day. It's bitter sweet to see you growing up, but it makes a dad proud to see my sweet girl growing to a smart young lady. I will continue to cherish the moments we share together and the memories we will make in the future. I love you and look forward to the many more birthdays we will celebrate together.

Happy Birthday Alayna. - Your Daddy

Nicknames: Layna, Laney, Lanes, Layna Jane, Layna Jana, Little Layna, Layna Lou..........
Bath or Shower: Bath....with bubbles
Snack: Anything!
Nap and Bedtime: You do great. You always want your purple blankets, a cup of milk your Elmo books and your one animal books. We pray and tuck you in and you're out!
Shoes: You always want your red squeeky shoes
Tv: Barney - Zoo or school
Words: If I ask you to repeat me you will, but on your own you say: more please, thank you, milk, bath, elmo, barney, snack, jucie, home, nite nite, love you, pool, all done, and the list goes on...



  1. Beautiful post for an adorable little girl!

  2. Tears, Caroline. This is so sweet. Happy Birthday Alayna!

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet little cutie!