Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Time

I am loving not wearing a coat. Yes it is still cold, but if it is 4o or over, you wont see me with a coat. CRAZY! I know. I am also excited to bring out the Spring Clothes. I have bought some new stuff, but I buy most of it last season so I can get the sales.

Also now that we know we are having a girl and can do the matching thing. I always had trouble with Taylynn and Preston, but now Taylynn and Alayna can match and I'll try to blend in Preston's outfits.

I have bought Baby Alayna two outfits for summer and my mom bought one for her for the fall. I went through Taylynn's clothes to pick out what might fit Alayna when she is born, but it was slim pickin's. Taylynn was a December baby and Alayna will be July. Quite a temperature change.

I guess I just get to go shopping :)

Here is an outfit that matches. This is how I try to get them out the door:

But sometime I see them like this:


  1. I only try to dress the boys in the same colors (never matching, they hate that) if we are going somewhere crowded. They're easier to count & find that way! Ha! Love the last pic, too cute!

  2. Beautiful outfits!!

    Thank for enter the giveaway.