Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I got some bedding......

I finally got some bedding for Preston. I thought this was really cute and would look great his room. It was clearance too! The only downfall was no shams were available. I am hoping ebay will list some soon, but until then I order these pillow cases from a different line, which I think will match every well.

I will still be looking for some animal pillows, so if you see anything let me know!

I am super excited!


My sister who is 13 weeks found out what she is having today, yes very early, but she had an internal sonogram so they were able to tell the sex this early. I won't spill the beans just yet, but it's exciting.


It's my birthday I am 27 today! And I am getting spoiled by friends today! I LOVE IT!

It's my brothers birthday as well. No we aren't twins, but we share a birthday 5 years apart, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT!


  1. Cute bedding! Happy BIrthday to you and your brother!! My sister's bday is 2 days after mine and we are 3 yrs apart. It sucked having to share birthdays haha!

  2. I love the new bedding!! And happy birthday!!

  3. Beautiful bedding!!

    Happy Birthday to you!! Hope you have a wonderful day.