Tuesday, March 23, 2010

John Mayer

Last night Aaron and I went to see John Mayer in concert. I LOVE LOVE his music. I was introduced to his music in 1999 before he had made a studio album. It was so awesome to see him grow into such a big artist. His first concert I went to was a little gig in Lawrence, KS in April 2002. Although I have been to his other concerts it was pretty amazing to compare the difference 8 years has made.
The concert in Lawrence in 2002 was Aaron and I's first date. I remember so much from that night. What I was wearing, how my hair looked, where we parked. Silly things, but it was one of the most important days. I knew that I loved this guy and that it was about to be the start of the rest of my life. I wasn't positive he was the one, but I wanted him to be :)
Anyway it was a great concert and I had a chair to sit in which beats all those outdoor concerts I have been to.Aaron, Thank you for a wonderful night. It is amazing what 8 years has done for us. I love you!


  1. Aww, that is soo neat that you guys were able to see JM again (LOVE him too!!) Did you see him at the Granada in Lawrence?? Good times :-) You looked adorable too!

  2. Aren't date nights the best?

  3. Aw, Ya'll look so cute!! I love john mayer's music!

  4. Y'all look so cute! I heard he was really good in concert. Happy to hear y'all had a great time!