Monday, February 22, 2010

Picture Day

So on Saturday we headed to Kansas City for some pictures. I could tell the kids were getting sick, but we already canceled one appointment and I just wanted to get it done with.
Oak Park Mall is where we went, it is a fun mall and the kids love it because of this:

But first we did pictures. Here is pretty little Taylynn getting ready for some shots. The Taylynn and Preston did pretty good. It took Preston a while to get warmed up. He does this look where he is looking down at the ground, but slowly moves his eyes up to look around, but won't move his head. He is adorable. He does this about every time a girl is around, I guess it's his way of flirting in a shy way.

So after the photo shoot, the pretzel shop right outside of the store was giving away free preztels, so that worked out great!
And of course to get through picture I had to bribe with a sucker!
Then finally, we got to go to the carousel. Thank goodness Aaron was there to ride with them, because I got dizzy just watching.

We of course did some shopping and ended up at the Disney store. Taylynn was in love! We couldn't leave there without buying them something, right? We'll we bought them some souvenir cups, which I had needed for them anyway. They were excited and loved having their own bags.

By the time we hit the road this is what was going on behind me:
Notice Taylynn still holding her bag, ha!

Once we got home I made them a strawberry, Banana, Flaxseed Milkshakes for their new cups.
Over all it was a great day. We were home by 3, but it felt like 7 so we just relaxed and played the rest of the day. With all the preperation it take to getting pictures done, I am so glad it is over. A least until our little boy or girl arrives. Which by the way we find out on Friday!


  1. Awe.. your little ones are just beautiful.. I had to laugh because I think getting pictures done is the most stressful thing EVER!! I almost dread doing it!! I love Taylynn's dress.. it is soooo pretty!! And I am jealous of the pretzels, we used to have one in our mall and they went out of business.. they are the BEST!!! Our Disney went out of Business too :(... I think I want to!

  2. Sounds like y'all had a great day! I bet the pics look great. Can't wait to see them and to find out what you're having. I'm soooo excited for ya!!!

  3. Pictures are stressful, but you look like you made it fun!!! I'm so excited to find our what your having? Do you have names picked out yet?

  4. I used to have to bribe my son with suckers when he was little too. What a fun day!

  5. Hi, Caroline.

    It looks like a great day. Congrats on your pregnancy.

    God blees your beautiful family.

    PS: Is a long time since our last comments,ha. Hope we visit more often. Take care.