Thursday, February 18, 2010

I love me some babies!

I can already tell Preston is going to love his new brother or sister. I think he is also going to be an amazing dad someday. Sometime he'll take Taylynn's doll and put it up on his shoulder and pat the baby's back, so sweet.
Taylynn on the other hand could careless. She NEVER plays with dolls and when babies are around she'll look at them once then moves on.
We had baby Abe over a couple of times last week and Preston stayed right next to him most of the time. Abe is about 2.5 months old and Preston is 22.5 months old. Here are some pictures of Preston giving him love.

Helping with his pacifier
Watching Baby Einstein
I love to see him so excited about babies, I guess this is a good time to have one :)
We find out the sex in less than 2 weeks. I am excited!

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  1. What a sweet boy! I love the way he is standing w/ his hands on his hips. So cute! We have to watch our 15mo. old around babies. He loves babies and is always wanting to give kisses and hugs! He just loves a little to hard!