Monday, February 1, 2010

Girls Night- yellow mellow!

***If you are a fan of Ali from the Bachelor, you probably don't care to read this***

Tonight the girls and I got together once again to spend time together, when the Bachelor is on, we are glued.
We have been watching and we have our favorites and least favorites. Ali is our least at the moment and has been for a few weeks. Yes, I know at first I liked her, but that all changed by the second show. She just doesn't seem.......nice. That is all I am going to say about her.

So anyway we were hoping she'd get the boot this week, so we celebrated Ali style. If you haven't noticed she wears a lot of yellow on the show. I think three of her rose ceremony dresses have all been yellow. Also she doesn't do much to her hair other than put it in a hair clip.
So here is to you Ali.

Here was a shot of some of our fabulous food. Kim we missed you tonight. I hope you watched the show while wearing yellow!


  1. Vienna and Ali must go!!! I really like Corrie but things moved really slow on their date last night. I'm team Tenley all the way!!!

  2. I need a dislike button :) I really like Ali!!