Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Clean up Craft Day

Yesterday we were in lock down mode. Ok we did get out to go to Target, because sometime we just need to get out.
Anyway, I have been running low on ideas of what to do while in the house, so I am up for any challenge that will bring joy to Taylynn and Preston.
I got this idea from another blog, and I can't even give it credit because I cannot find it again. But deciding to did it was thanks to Preston who threw every single crayon onto the floor. Thats when I relaized how many broken unusable crayons we had.

I took all the broken crayons and up them into a small muffin tin and melted them for 7 minutes at 275 degrees. And this is what we got.

The kids had fun unwrapping the crayons, braking them into smaller pieces then filling the tins.

I just wish now Taylynn and Preston wouldn't fight over their new circle crayons. Oh well, thats life!


  1. I've been wanting to try that with the boys. Did you put anything in the tin so they won't stick or did they just come out fine?

  2. Oh I've seen this done before and it's such a great idea! I wish we would've known about this when I was little!

  3. I saw this recently on someone's blog too. But I don't remember where either! I think they are so cute.