Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sneek peek and read and BSF

Since Taylynn was a baby I have been taking the kids to the library for classes. First it started out with baby bookworms until they were 18 months then they moved on to Sneek Peek and Read. Preston just finished his four week round of the class and he'll be too old to register again.
Crawling through the tunnel, Taylynn is coming right behind him

Preston being the little helper he is
I loved the time I spent with the kids singing and reading books. I remember when I would take Preston to Baby Bookworms they would refer to Taylynn as the class graduate. She was always a good sport and would behave in the younger classes, even though she was too old she enjoyed the younger classes too.
On Wednesdays I am starting a new bible study called BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). Over 1000 groups are doing this bible study worldwide. This year we'll be studying the book of John then next year we'll look into Isaiah.
I am excited to really dig into the Bible and stretch my relationship with God. This does however keep us from our library classes. The good news is they'll be getting a lot of attention in their BSF nursery. They sing hymns and are read scripture. This past Wednesday since the story for the ladies was when Jesus wash the disciples feet, the children took their shoes off before classes and got their feet washed, then learned the story.
Taylynn and Preston weren't there for my first class since I was just registering, but every wed. from now on they get to go and learn more about Jesus too. I am really excited to watch them grow in the Lord.
BSF is completely free, you don't get food like you do at MOPS. (By the way these too are pretty different. And yes, I still go to MOPS and still love it!) And since I don't have the kids in preschool and won't for a while this gets them out and helps with their social well being.
If you are interesting in seeing if you have a BSF group close to you go here. They have groups for women and men.

I thought I would share a song we sing around here that we learned from Sneek, Peek and Read:

(to the tune of Frere Jacques or thumpkin)

Where is Preston, where is Preston
There he is, There he is
were so glad to see you, were so glad to see you
Peek a boo, we see you

We do motions to the song, so make up anything that works for your family. Both my kids love this, hopefully yours will too!

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  1. Love that song!! I am going to have to sing it to my early childhood kiddos!!