Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Taylynn's Birthday Party

Taylynn had her birthday party last week and it was wonderful. During nap time I started making all the mini cakes and when Taylynn got up, she was so excited and so grateful for the beautiful cakes I made. That made all the hard work worth it.

She couldn't wait for her friends to arrive and when they did the excitement didn't stop. She didn't even eat her own cake because she was too excited.

It was a wonderful party and I hope it is something she'll remember forever.

The girls made necklaces and wands and got to put all their goodies in these totes as their favors.
You can see the wand project here.
Totes project here.
The DIY cake stands here.
The chicken wire bulletin board here.

I am not sure I have ever seen Taylynn so happy; makes me want to do this everyday.



  1. are so talented! That is one ADORABLE party!!! Happy Birthday to your sweet Taylynn!

  2. Oh my!! you're so creative!! Beautiful pictures!

  3. Love it!!!! Everything is beautiful. You did a great job.