Sunday, December 18, 2011

OLD traditions....NEW traditions

Looking back on all my Christmas' as a little girl I have some of the best memories EVER! My parents were really good about traditions and making special memories for us. I have memories I will never forget because we did the same things every year.

One special tradition was the Nutcracker. My mom would always take my sister and I. We would get dressed up and go see the show and although I might have fallen asleep a few times, it is marked as one of my best Christmas memories.

I am now going to carry on the tradition with my girls. I took Taylynn this year and she loved it and surprisingly didn't fall asleep. We had some friends in the show.....Caroline, who is one of my youth girls (she played Clara) and some of Taylynn's friends: Audrey, Keira and Kaelyn.

Hopefully next year my mom and sister can join us like the good ol' times.

Thank you mom and dad for all the great memories, we had some special times and I plan on carrying them on. I love you!


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  1. We're making this part of our tradition too! Whether we're in it or watching it! So much fun!