Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Catch up!

Since Christmas Eve is tomorrow and I want to focus on spending time with my family and not worry about how behind I am on this blog I am going to do a HUGE catch post.

Let's start with Taylynn's Christmas concert. It is a first for our family and it was really special. Taylynn had a pretty scratchy throat in the morning, but she seemed to sing her heart out. One of her friends (Kate) sat right next to her and they were being awfully silly before the program began. I got a few snaps of them.....

After the sing a long we celebrated Jesus' Birthday with a cake and the kids got to see Santa.
This is Taylynn with her class.

Then Santa asking Taylynn why she was distracting Kate before the sing a long.
We were so proud of her.


We headed to Kansas City do to some furniture shopping and then headed to the Plaza. We stopped in Nebraska Furniture Mart and saw Santa and a possibly our future sofa, we're waiting on fabric samples.

Then we headed to the Plaza; I love going to the Plaza during Christmas. The lights are beautiful and although it is busy, I love all the energy.
We got bundled up and shopped and ate at the Cheesecake Factory.


Sam has been a great way to get the kids out of bed and in a good mood. Even Alayna gets up and looks for him.

Sam must have gotten tired because he found a sleeping bag just his size.

He also knows that the true meaning is JESUS!

He loves breakfast too!
A special treat and message for the kids.

He brought back special reindeer food for the kids to make.

He will be missed when he leaves. I think I'll miss him just as much as the kids.


Just a picture before church


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  1. Finally, blogger is letting me post comments again. I have been following along but couldn't leave comments. Congratulations on the new addition your family. Merry Christmas! Enjoy this magical season with your family.