Thursday, December 15, 2011

Show us your life CHRISTMAS!

Kelly is doing a Christmas Show us your life. You can link up HERE.

I have been leaning towards a more vintage theme for Christmas. I love using lime green rather than a dark green and I am starting to tie in more light blues.

I got my stockings from on etsy shop called Hand Made Pretties. I absolutely LOVE them!

I use about anything else I have to fill these shelves.

The kitchen is really low key this year. I just hung some cookie cutters from the chandelier and colored on the chalkboard. It's not easy with four kids.
I have a mini tree (you can see it in the first picture on the right side). I needed mini ornaments and couldn't find any so here is my DIY project:

I bought some jewlery pieces, the ones that were 50% off of course.

I used the packaging to measure and cut out scrapbook paper. Wrapping paper is good to use also.

I used a modpod like glue to glue the paper on then added some string or ribbon.
Thanks for stopping in. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


  1. very cute handmade ornaments! thanks for sharing how you made them!

  2. Those ornaments are so creative & fun! I think your paint color is the same as our it!

  3. Your family room is gorgeous! I love all the red and lime green that's my new fav color for Christmas!! Those stockings are gorgeous!!