Monday, December 5, 2011

Chandler Two Months

Chandler you are two months old. It seems like the more babies we have the faster time goes. I am really soaking in some special moments with you and really making them meaningful I hope to always remember.

I took you to a baby message class last month and learned some things you like. So now once in a while when we get one on one time you get a little baby message. You really love to lay on your tummy and have me rub your back.

During the day when everyone else goes down for a nap, you are always awake, that never fails. I think you make yourself stay awake because you know it is mommy time. I enjoy it!

You didn't do so well sleeping at night this last month, you would get up to eat but you wouldn't go back to sleep. By the time daddy or I got you to fall asleep it was almost feeding time again.
Things have changed in the last couple weeks and you're doing better. We discovered if you sleep in your car seat you'll sleep about 7 straight hours. If you do wake up wanting to eat you easily go back to sleep.

You wear size 2 diapers and you wear 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes. You weigh 15 pounds. And you eat about every 2-4 hours.

You still smile more than any baby I have ever seen. Your smile can always make me feel better when I am feeling tired or just worn out.

Do you know you're a blessing? You are and I hope you always remember that. I pray that you will go out and be a blessing to the world. I pray that you will have a servant heart and love on everyone. When I am not here, God always will be. I will fail, God will NEVER fail. I promise to work hard and be the best mom I can for you and your sisters and brother.

I can't imagine that one day you'll be old enough to read this. It's bitter sweet because your my baby, but I am so excited to see the man God has planned for you to be. I love you over and over again!