Thursday, December 8, 2011

Other birthday celebrations

The Friday before Taylynn's birthday she got to take treats to her school. She brought sugar cookies iced with a cream cheese frosting and a cup of fruit so the kids could make their own fruit pizza. She was really excited to have a treat for everyone. I must say there were a few who weren't so happy with the treat and they let everyone know. Taylynn didn't mind as long as all the girls liked the treat, which they did.

Taylynn got some birthday money and she got to go buy something fun at Toys R' Us. She had the best time ever shopping. She bought a new game, some jewelery and a coloring book. She still has some money to spend so we'll have another shopping trip soon.

After shopping we went to Texas Road house for some dinner. Taylynn even got to sit on the birthday saddle and get some ice cream.

After dinner we went to look at Christmas lights. I loved this house, so beautiful.

When Aaron was tucking her in he asked if she enjoyed looking at the lights and she said "we didn't go look at lights." Turns out she slept through it all. Oh well, we'll do it again.

The next day Aaron had his Children's Christmas work party so we went and the kids got to see Santa and Mrs Claus and then got to the movie Arther Christmas, which was so cute!

When we got home we got to decorate for Christmas...finally. It was hard waiting until the party was over, but I did.

It was nice having some extra hands this year, we had some good little helpers.That evening we had some family over for a little pizza and a little cake.

These are the kind of weekends I am going to miss one day when the kids are all grown. It's busy but they are filled with so much excitement and fun. That's what its all about right?


  1. Super Sweet! Who wouldn't love fruit pizzas? Ugh, kids these days... HA! I'm just kidding, but really? Cookies, frosting, the name of "pizza..." Seriously sounds awesome to me!

  2. I love weekends like yours. Just love to spend time with my girls.

    Definitely, an amazing weekend.

  3. Awww, what a fun post!

    BTW, My husband grew up in Potwin and my in-laws still live there. I LOVE that house too!!! :)