Monday, June 15, 2009

Home again home again jiggity jog

We are home!!!!!!
It was a long journey home, we left Antigua at about 5:15 am. The night before I was unable to sleep so I ony hade 3 hours of sleep in me. I was tired before we even left. Our flight to San Jaun was at 7:15 am and that went pretty smooth, minus all the turbulation, for a moment we all thought we were going down. Everything was fine though.

Once we got to San Juan we went to find a taxi, but they found us (so we thought). This man yelled at us "you need a Taxi" we were excited, that was easy. He took us to Old San Juan to do some shopping and told us he would pick us back up at 1pm. As we are walking and talking we realized he's not a "real" taxi driver. All the other taxis had labels of prices on the sides and a mile counter in the cart and the obvious Taxi sign on the stop of the car. Our driver had none of those things. We got in the car with a strange man. We even got back in the car with him knowing all this information. Ha! It could have ended bad.

While we were in San Juan we just did some shopping and ate at a fabulous restaurant. I don't any any pictures because our camera battery was dead :(

Ok skip a few hours, we left San Juan at 3pm for Chicago, this was a 5 hour flight and I was looking forward to watching a movie and pretending I wasn't cramped into a plan where fresh air was unreachable. We'll the movie was messed up and we couldn't watch it, so i just read. I read the Shack on the way down, which was a great book to read. So on the way back I started the second twilight book. I have almost finished it. It distracted me, for a while.

5 hours went by like 10, but we did land in Chicago at 7:something pm our next flight was 9ish to Kansas City. It was late leaving, about 45 mintues. But we got to KC and got home by 12:30am.

We were so excited to see the kids so we woke them up. They both cried, Taylynn said "I want mommy and daddy" was she confused or did she think she was dreaming? We are your mommy and daddy :)

Preston cried too, they both came around to realizing we were back. Preston is VERY clingy these days, lets home he drops that soon Although I do love it, I just can't get anything done.

My mom did a great job with the kids, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!

We are so lucky you would keep them for that long, I think they had a great time :)

Here a few pictures
This one was taken the last day at the resort

This is my Grandma, GG as the kids call her

Loving on Daddy

The jumping bean is back!!!!

It is GREAT to be home!


  1. So glad you got home safely. I can't believe the taxi driver story, at least that turned out well. Now back to the everyday routine, no more poolside fun!

  2. Besides the story of the taxi driver I hope you enjoyed PR (in a short trip).

    Glad that you are home.