Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day four lets tan some more

We are having fun.
We started off this morning with a good workout. They have a small gym here where I ran and Aaron did, well what ever Aaron does. It felt good to work off some calories, we plan on doing it every morning while we are here.
We went for breakfast, which was a buffet of all kinds of things. Their are three restaurants here and I was disappointed when I heard only three because when we went to Jamaica their were 8. Let me tell you, this food is great. For breakfast I had watermelon, toast (which as AWESOME), eggs and one piece of bacon. Lunch I had blue cheese broccoli (soo good), bread (I'll have a separate paragraph about the bread), pork loin (or something), pasta, and some veggies.
Dinner, was different it was sit down with a menu, I ordered steak and asparagus with potato wedges, and bread.

Ok so for those who really know me in person, know I LOVE LOVE LOVE bread and I will NEVER give up carbs for that reason alone. The bread here taste all homemade and is always served hot. It is simple, but that is how I love it. Also they only have really butter here so I have to use it of course. Awww just so good thinking of it. I have always said I could live off of diet coke and bread. I am loving it here.

So today after breakfast we laid out and go some sun. I am actually a little burnt, but I am one of those people who will burn then get tan. I don't seem to ever just get tan, I am always red first.

We laid out about 3 hours then went in for lunch. After that we went to the beach and snorkeled, I don't have picture because they are on an underwater camera :( We didn't see really anything though.

After that we did row boats and relaxed. The we dug for shells to bring home to miss Taylynn. The plan is to also go shopping somewhere, but you have to pay like 75 dollars a person just to go, so we'll see.

I was beat from the sun, so we went to our room showered then watched some movie with Janet Jackson in it, not sure what it was.

The rest of the day was just relaxing staying in until the sun went down. Now we are out listening to music enjoying the cool breeze. I think I am going to started napping during the day because I am sooo tired.

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  1. WOW!! it looks so gorgeous!!! The time is flying so enjoy it all. The children could not be better... we have so many stories to tell. We are LOVING every minute!!!
    Love to you both and kisses from Preston and Taylynn!