Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day five

Greetings from Antigua. Things are great here. Aaron and I are really enjoying our time alone, but missing the kiddos soooo badly. It is nice to have time for just the two of us again.
Either of us realized who the other guest at the resort would be, but we thought maybe younger couples, middle aged adults or honeymooners, probably a good amount of Americans. We'll we were wrong. I have not heard a single American speak here. It is funny, because I'll see a couple and say oh they look American, I'll then proceed to ask Aaron to listen and see if they have an accent. And they don't! Well, looks like we are the only Americans here, which is kinda fun. I love hearing all the accents, and they are mostly English.
As far as age, mostly older couples, some young, but not much. And lots of families which makes it hard to see the little children running around, it makes me wish Taylynn and Preston were here.

Speaking of Preston, I guess he got to meet famous little Harper Stamps. Kelly took a picture of the two of them I believe, so I need to get that from her. I wish I could have been their to meet Harper and Kelly, but maybe next time.

Here is pretty Miss Harper and Preston, Thank you so much Kelly!

We are having a great time and the plan for tomorrow is to go shopping, so look forward to some great pictures. Here are some from today:

Here is breakfast, yummy!

It was rainy today, which worked out great because I got a little too much sun. We eventually went out and soaked it up.
We did witness a baptism today, it was wonderful. All the people were rejoicing and so excited, it will be something I take home and treasure. Also this morning they played Christian music and some of the girls were singing as they worked, it is so great to see God here in Antigua.

Taylynn and Preston, can you find Ella?

Check this crab out, he would come up from the sand then bury him self back down.

Here are some little itty bity fish.

Footprints in the sand.We freshend up and went to dinner.
Thanks for checking in on us, we'll be home in 5 days 6 hours. We miss you Taylynn and Preston, be good for Grandmother and Grandad!


  1. They miss you too but are doing fine. Taylynn seemed to really ehjoy church this morning. A lot of instruments and beautiful music. I so enjoyed meeting beautiful Kelly and Harper. Just think, this time next week you will be home... enjoy your time!!

  2. I'm working on posting a picture of Harper and Preston right now. Your children are precious and I got to meet your mom! Have so much fun - I'm trying not to be jealous!

  3. I saw your link on Kelly' s Korner. Looks like you are having a great trip! How cool that you won it on Regis & Kelly! That used to be my favorite show!!! Enjoy!

  4. Looks like you have a wonderful day.

    Have a great week.