Friday, June 19, 2009

8 things

Molly tagged me in the fun game of '8 Things'. Try it your self and let us know some 8 things about YOU!

8 Things I am looking forward to...

Watching my children grow up
Family vacations
Growing old with Aaron
Keri getting home from Colorado
Going back to Georgia
My relationship with God
Reading The third Twilight book

8 Things I did yesterday...
Went to Lunch at Aaron's work
Bought many new plants for the yard
Got a strawberry limeade at Sonic
Ate cookie dough
Watered the flowers
Dumped the swimming pool
Painted Taylynn and my nails

8 things I wish I could do...

Be like Christ in EVERYTHING I do
Go water skiing
Take the kids to Antigua
Change the wood trim in my house to white without extra work or money
Work for Pottery Barn Kids
Go shopping everyday
Travel out of the country on missions, spreading His word
Protect my children from everything

8 shows I watch...

-The Bachelorette
-Criminal Minds
-Big Bang Theory
-The Fashion Show/ Project Runway
-Gossip Girl
-One Tree Hill
-Without a Trace
-So you think you can Dance

I am not tagging only 8 people.......If you read this you are tagged!!!!!!!!!

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