Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day Aaron

Happy Father's Day Aaron

This year now that I am blogging you get your very own post. I am going to put in very few words the love Taylynn, Preston and I have for you.

Before Taylynn and Preston were born I never knew what kind of man you really were. True, we had only been married 11 months, but a man never shows his true beauty until a baby comes in the story. I wasn't nervous bringing a baby into this world because I knew you were right there by my side 100%.

I never realized how wonderful having you as my husband was. It wasn't until I saw you hold Taylynn for the first time. A feeling of happiness and love filled my heart. I remember Taylynn would always open her swollen little eyes for you those first days. She must have known how amazing you were, it was worth the look.

Once you got your boy I knew their would be an attachment. I can tell in his eyes he wants to be just like you. I think he would be a wonderful man if he took after you. Preston is lucky to have you as a role model. You are always tender and loving. Preston already looks like you, so if he begins to act like you I will be so thankful and so will his future wife.

When Taylynn and Preston come running to you when you are home from work, warms up my heart so I know it must make you feel so great. These days will go by fast, and the challenges get harder and stressful. I believe in you. You are a better father than I could have asked for. I am so thankful for your patience and kindness. God has blessed our family because he has blessed us with you.

Thank you for being the husband and father you are today. I treasure you!

With all the love in my heart I love YOU!



  1. What a sweet post!! I am so excited to spend our first Father's Day together! I hope that you guys have a fabulous day!! God Bless!!

  2. This is so sweet! I can't wait to have children one day. My husband got a card from the Chocolate children. The front read "we got you a present" the inside said "It's out in the yard." hehe