Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We'll we have made it through day 1. I have decided to take Ella the elephant on this week long journey, if anything so Taylynn and Preston can enjoy seeing where she is and has been.

Some of the pictures might be harder to spot her and some she might not even be in. I'll try to let you know.

We are doing good. The car ride was not the greatest. We got here in Bentonville safely, but Preston was upset the whole time. I think he wanted to sleep but couldn't, plus he has his eighth tooth coming in.

Here is a picture of us hitting the road and there is Ella sitting on the dash

This was Preston and Taylynn five minutes into the drive. Notice he is sleeping, this only lasted 10 minutes and he was awake for the rest of the drive.

We had to stop for an early dinner at Denny's because Preston was so upset. We had a nice breakfast dinner. Ella enjoyed her pancakes.

We made it. This is my parents backyard. The kids are going to have so much fun!

See you tomrrow. I am not sure if will get WYFI we'll be flying from KC at 6 then end in Miami at 12:15 am We are staying at the Embassy Suites for a whole 6 hours!!!! It is so nice I wish we could spend more time there. Aaron as never been to one, so that is why I picked it. (remeber we are not paying for it). I will talk to you as soon as I can!

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