Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 8 and 9

Yesterday we spent all day with our new friends again. The men went golfing in the morning and Lucy, Amelie and I stayed back to relax. Once the guys returned we all went to lunch then headed off to the Devils Bridge. It was a short but long walk in this weather, we were all soaked in sweat when we returned.
This is the bridge you can walk across, it has the sea on both sides so you COULD fall in :) We didn't!


Aaron and I returned today for another walk around and some more site seeing. We realized that the waves crash up so high that it brings up many sea shells, the only problem is some crabs were still inside of them. We did collect some nice shells though.

Back to yesterday, we picked up snorkel supplies on the way back from the walk and walked another mile the opposite way to get to a smaller private beach. Rob and Lucy were going on a snorkel tour and Rob wanted some practice so we did about 45 min of snorkel and saw some fun stuff. Once again no pictures sorry. Aaron did say he found Nemo though :)

Their were these foot long, 5 inches diameter caterpillar looking things. I have looked on google and have found no such thing. Anyone know what they were? Their were hundreds of them. Aaron touched one and he said they were squishy. When we get our underwater pictures developed I'll put them on here.

Ok after snorkeling we went to reception to hop on the trolley, lucky their was one waiting so we hopped on. It had about 6 rows of seats. Aaron went to asked a worker if it was ok that we hopped on, they said yes but we might have to wait a bit for the driver.

We load up Amelies stroller and all bags, towels, snorkel gear and we are settled. The driver comes arond and asked us to get off because they had new arrivals who needed a lift. We were just like OK and got off. We weren't happy but we didn't complain.

He leaves and another worker comes and says she is sorry takes down our room numbers and calls us a new ride. We only had to wait maybe 2 minutes. Anyway we got a free dinner at the "fancy" restaurant at tbe resort. The best part was the air condition :) I didn't take pictures at dinner because it was "that" kind of restaurant. They kicked the boys out when we first got their because they were wearing shorts, ha!

After dinner we enjoyed some music, but hit the sack early.

Today Aaron and I got up. Went for breakfast then went to the Devils Bridge. I am at the pool now and Aaron is working out. I know I said I would work out everyday too, but man I am tired. Plus we do a lot of walking here.

I am not sure of what the rest of the day holds, but I do know I'll be home in 40 hours :) I am so excited to see Taylynn and Preston.

Unless something interesting happends tonight, I probably wont blog until we are home. The plans for tomorrow are long. We leave here at 5am, fly out at 7am. We will be in San Juan for 6.5 hours so we are going to Old San Juan, thanks to a blog friend Annie, who lives in Puerto Rico. We leave PR then fly to Chicago, then to Kansas City. We'll get home around 2am if all the flights take off on time.
I have never been so sad to leave, yet SO EXCITED to get home.


  1. Wow, you have been busy! Love that the guys got kicked out because they were wearing shorts!

  2. Aw! I love that you wrote your names on the bridge! To reply to your post on my blog. Our honeymoon story will be great to tell the grandkids because it's funny now, but at the time I really thought I'd lost my husband of three days. I even tried to file a missing persons report...that's how crazy I went. Haha! Have a great trip home!

  3. Wow, it was a busy day. I like the bridge pictures.

    Hope you have a great trip back home.

    PS: Enjoy your quick trip to PR