Thursday, June 18, 2009

Healthy life style here I come.....

Today, OK Tonight is the night. I am going on a diet/exercise life style change. After two babies so close together I am stuck! I need a change. I am not ready to give up diet coke, that will be too much. I am however going to drink much less of it and much more water.
I am going to get back on a regular workout schedule. I was running for a while, but I am not sure what happened.
I have been doing 500 crunches the last few days, but I need more than that. Ok starting tomorrow I am going to track calories and start working out more. I hope I can hold you all as an accountability partner. Please feel free to check in on many any day. I will need the support. I have never actually gone on a diet or worked out to loose weight.
Oh and I did say I'll start tomorrow.......where is that cake??????

I will try to keep you up with my plan and let you know how it works for me.

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  1. Crystal Light is having a challenge to drink more water. I was a major Diet Pepsi drinker, but I am down to 1 a day. I have a button at the bottom of my blog that helps me track how much water/Crystal light I am drinking, it really helps keep me accountable!