Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The secret is out.............somewhat!

We have shared our secret with our neighbors, lifegroup and Aaron's side of the family. Here are some ways we spread the news.

Box full of Balloons for Aaron's family

Our neighbors are called the strolling gnomes because of the mysterious gnomes that appeared on our yards April 1st. And no one will admit to doing it. So I made cupcakes with a blue or pink filling and used a girl gnome and boy gnome for the cupcake toppers, so they would know that they were finding out if we were having a baby girl gnome or baby boy gnome.

Then for lifegroup we just had frosting filled cupcakes and let everyone dig in
Yesterday I also mailed a couple packages to some of my girl friends, filled with blue or pink things to let them know.

And tonight I will share with my girl friends that live here in town!

I will share with you as soon as I tell my family!


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