Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 3

Day three
We'll is it a surprise if I tell you we spent most the day outside? We woke up and Aaron and Taylynn headed to the sand to write all the kids names with dried seaweed. They got her name done then came up to get the rest of us. I helped with the rest, three names is a lot when making letters big enough to see from the 9th floor. You'll be able to tell in the picture below how big the letters are compared to the children.

We spent more time than usual in the pool today. Taylynn and Preston really figured out their arm floaties and they even began jumping in the pool without being caught. I was a proud mommy.

Alayna sure is adorable too!

Today grandma and Paw-paw made hotdogs for lunch and had some shrimp for dinner. I enjoy shrimp, but Aaron is not a seafood eater. We decided we would go on a date night, so we got all dressed up (meaning we weren't in our bathing suits) and realized the kids matched too so we took some family pictures.Thanks to our wonderful photographers:
Aaron and I went to an Italian place called Vinnie R's, so good. No pictures, I had to put the camera down for a bit :)


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