Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby Boy

Boy do I have a lot to fill you in on. First off Keri, one of my best friends had her baby Tuesday morning, June 21st.

Jonathen Kevin came earlier than I expected. I still had a lot to do. I had just bought a big piece of wood and I was going to make a sign for her yard that says it's a BOY! And I needed to make no-bake cookies (something I did for them when their other son was born) and get some champagne to bring to them in the hospital.

First off before anything I went to see Keri and the new baby in the hospital. Alayna suggested we pick up a rose for her to bring to her new boyfriend. So we picked a pretty orange rose for Jonathen.I had already made the hospital sign, so I am glad I didn't have to rush to do that :)

The kids were really excited to see the new baby
He is just perfect
I got my sign done and up in there yard just in time for them to come homeAnd a few things I made for baby Jonathen

I have seen these "birth announcement" signs around a lot lately, so of course I said I can make that!

I get really excited when my friends have babies! We have another friend due the beginning of August, another boy!!!!

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