Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 6!

Today is goodbye day! The good news is our flight isn't until 6:40pm, so we can still spend all morning at the beach and still get everyone in for a good nap.

Preston woke up first and went and sat with Grandaddy on the balcony.

We headed to the beach early, then for lunch we walked to the pier to eat lunch.
There was an inflatable water slide near the pier, so we let the kids go once, not sure it was worth 6 dollars, but oh well!
Now off to the airport! Thank you mom and dad for the most wonderful vacation. We made so many memories that we'll keep forever.Aaron took some panoramic pictures before we left. This is looking out from our front door:
This one is looking from our balcony:

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  1. Is sad when vacations ends. Have a safe travel.