Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 6 cont. and day 7

I didn't want to ruin such a nice post yesterday by telling you it ended up being an awful LONG night.

It all started by our flight being delayed by two hours. That's not a huge deal, but when you need to catch a connecting flight and you are now supposed to be landing as your connecting flight is taking off........not a good start.

I thought my plan of spend the day at the beach then traveling at night was awesome. Not so much.
We caught our flight with hopes our connecting flight was going to be delayed. It was about 30 minutes, but we missed it.

So now it's about 10:50pm, were in Atlanta and we are realizing we're going to be stuck. Let me share with you what we were lugging around since we didn't check ANYTHING! We have two car seats about 30-40 pounds each, four suitcases, computer, stroller, kid's book bags, my bag and three kids. We had to walk and walk and walk all around the Atlanta airport, then when we got to the ticket counter we had to wait in line for about 45 minutes just to re-book a flight. We knew there was a flight leaving ATL at 8:15am and I guess we just figured we were on that flight, but nope. The first thing we could catch was at 3pm.

At this point we are out of formula and about out of wipes, so some how we had to get to a store, so no matter what we needed a taxi or to rent a car. We were on our own for a hotel and we knew that would be a pricey penny plus the cost of a taxi to get to a wal-mart (probably the only thing open at 1am).

We WALKED to the car rental booths just to check out prices for a vehicle that will hold three car seats. $59 not bad. I called my Aunt Lynn and Uncle Jeff ( 12:45am) and first apologized for waking them up, then told them our predicament. We asked if we could stay the night at their house, and they were so welcoming, granted they might not have known what they agreed to, being that they were previously asleep.

We got our car, snapped the car seats in and made the 45 minute drive to their house. We got there around 2am and the kids were out. It was a long day.........long stressful day. But it was so nice to be in a familiar home with family. Nothing could have been better!

In the morning we surprised my cousin Joe by just being there. I am sure we were the last people he expected to see first thing in the morning. Uncle Jeff made some yummy breakfast and then we headed to the Varsity before going to the airport.

It has been a tradition I guess to get all our babies to Atlanta before they are a year. We have gotten all their pictures taken with a Varsity hat on too.
We returned the car and caught our flight and we were back in Topeka around 7:30pm.

Thank you Aunt Lynn and Uncle Jeff, missing our flight was actually kinda fun thanks to ya'll. Love you!


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  1. So sorry you had to deal with delays.

    So glad you all are at home.