Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 4

Today we enjoyed a morning at the beach then headed out to pick up pizza for lunch and take the kids to a Shark Museum/gift shop.

After lunch we hit the beach again. Aaron was borrowing a skim board and trying a new trick, but Taylynn was not happy. She was so afraid of him getting hurt. Every time the board got away from him she ran, and I mean RAN to get it so he wouldn't do it again.

Doug, Mollie and Jack brought us some cool drinks for us, thanks guys, they were yummy!

It was our turn to make dinner so I made enchiladas. Then, we had a scavenger hunt to go on. My mom planned some fun things, but Aaron and I have yet to win, so this was our chance.
We had 45 minutes to get everything on the list and get back to the condo. I was excited to be doing this with the kids, I think they had no clue what was going on though.
We got back with 8 minutes remaining and we WON!!!!! We even got an Olive Garden gift card for winning, yay!!! Thanks mom for all your fun activities, we had so much fun!


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