Friday, January 15, 2010

Little models

Every year I have entered a picture into Regis and Kelly's Beautiful baby search. I have not won, obviously or I'd brag more.
My kids are beautiful, but not so much photogenic. I do get some great shots of them, but it takes about 3o pictures to get a great one. I take a lot.
So the other day we did some photo shoots. Taylynn is great at posing and moving around, but I can't seem to snap the picture at the right moment. And Preston wants nothing to do with it.
Here is what I got, and all I got:
I just thought this was funny

So unless I have another chance to dress them up and happen to get a good shot, then we won't be entering this year.
I wouldn't be so picky but the final pictures are adorable and the favorites of thousands of photos. The picture needs to stand out from the crowd.

These were some pictures of Taylynn posing with her new suit on. She was showing it off. I didn't even tell her to stand sideways and look at me, she just did it. So cute.
We'll be using this suit when we go on our mini vacation to Great Wolf Lodge, so excited!And this is what Preston does with his clothes.

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  1. Haha, I like Preston's new style!

    The first photo of Taylynn is SO cute!