Friday, January 1, 2010


Christmas morning was full of excitement. We checked to see if the reindeer ate their food, then if Santa ate his cookies and they both did.

Taylynn said, "yeah yeah yeah" as she ran to her doll house, Santa got her what she asked for. Preston slowly mingled over to his tool kit and began to play.
It was fun to see the joy in their eyes, I look forward to many more Christmases to come.

Once everyone got dressed we did some family pictures.
It is so cute how Taylynn says Grandmother and Granddaddy. They both love them so much and I must say Taylynn and Preston are pretty loved too!

Preston loved his GG and always seemed to ask where she was if he couldn't see her. Taylynn loved on Paw Paw and GG and enjoyed showing off for the both of them.
We had a wonderful lunch then began opening some presents. Taylynn loves her Radio Flier scooter and Preston his Airplane from Grandmother and Granddaddy.

Taylynn and I made a Birthday Cake for Jesus. I hope the kids grow up and know what Christmas is really all about. Taylynn knows of a baby Jesus, but she has no clue how amazing this man is. It will be fun for us to watch Taylynn and Preston experience the love of Christ.

They had a wonderful Christmas and I think they are ready for it to happen all over again. I am just trying to figure out life after Christmas. Oh by the way Happy New Year..................more of that to come, but I still have more Christmas to share.

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