Friday, January 8, 2010

Headache Meds

So I got a prescription for my is just Ibuprofen. I thought you weren't supposed to take Ibuprofen while you were pregnant? I took it today and felt great, but I don't want to harm the baby. any thoughts?
I thought this was the best place to ask since most of you are moms. Let me know if this is ok!



  1. I was told ONLY Tylenol!! So I don't know but I think you should trust your doctor!!

  2. I was told only tylenol with both pregnancies as well! But if your dr says its ok I would think it should be!!

  3. I actually just asked the doc about headaches at my last appointment and he told me that between 14 and 30 weeks ibuprofen was okay if Tylenol was not working. I've had to break down and take it once as well...but I'm putting faith in my doctor and assuming that he knows what he's talking about.