Thursday, January 28, 2010

baby update

So I went to the Dr yesterday, everything went great. I told her about the strong movements above my belly button and she said it can't be the baby it must the baby's bowels that I am feeling and since I had a C section I must have a split in the muscle. So I guess what I thought was the baby was not.
I think it is strange because I was so sure, everything about the movement feels like a baby. It seemed much bigger than baby bowels so I don't know. I think this baby just moves around a lot.
Everything looked good. No weight gain yet, the baby's heart beat sounded great. I have a sonogram coming up so I am excited to see the baby and check the health and growth.

Yesterday after my appointment's I went shopping ALONE! I was pretty lonely I missed the kids, but I got things done so much faster. Gap had a great sale so I bought a bag full. Jcpenny has some cute maternity things on sale so I bought this
I am getting ready to go only line at Old Navy and Buy this because I am ready for spring and our store doesn't have it in yet.

I need a swim suit by the end of February for the Great Wolf Lodge, but I don't like to buy unless I can try on first and so far no one has them at the stores.
I really like this one at Target.
I am ready for spring and the count down is on. 52 days!!!


  1. I'm Soooo Ready for Spring too! I have had four Csections and never felt anything like that....strange.

  2. So happy to hear everything is fine with you and the baby. I love shopping by myself because when I have the boys and they hate shopping for "girly things"!

  3. LOVE the clothes you picked out! You are going to be such a cute, stylish preggo!!!!